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Lip Dub Contribution

Here’s what Daniel and the Atkins have been up to: getting their part ready for the Is Somebody Singing – Lip Dub! Please feel free to donation to the Lead Singer Voice And Stage Presence Lessons fund! Advertisements

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The Classroom Environment for Learning

Thanks, Taylor, for posting the link on Twitter. I just read an excellent article (an excerpt on from the full article) titled “How to Make Your Classroom a Thinking Space“, by Jane Krauss and Suzie Boss. The authors give … Continue reading

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Tech Task 10: Best Ideas

So last Wednesday, we had three teachers present on using technology in school.  Heather Durnin @hdurnin website, Royan Lee @roylanlee website, and Clarence Fisher @glassbeed website. My favourite idea from Heather has got to be the internet radio station – … Continue reading

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Tech Task 9: Google Yourself

So I googled myself today, March 11, 2013, and I was not too shocked to find myself missing from the first page.  Daniel Atkins is a fairly common name.  And right now I am competing with Daniel Atkins, the US … Continue reading

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Tech Task 8: QR Codes

QR codes Check out the QR code I created! This is how I hope to use it. As a dad who often gets his two daughters dressed and ready in the morning, let me make a recommendation to other dads … Continue reading

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Audio Post

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Blogging from my phone!

Ok, you probably will have no trouble believing this…because you probably realize that smart phones can easily access the Internet and many websites are adapting their website accessibility for smart phone users. But anyway, I just learned how to post … Continue reading

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