Tech Task 10: Best Ideas

So last Wednesday, we had three teachers present on using technology in school.  Heather Durnin @hdurnin website, Royan Lee @roylanlee website, and Clarence Fisher @glassbeed website.

My favourite idea from Heather has got to be the internet radio station – .  Her class can share ideas, stories, music, etc. by broadcasting them on the radio!  My students could use radio broadcasting to share what they have learned in class with the community, or maybe I could use it as a differentiation assessment tool for students who prefer to show their understanding verbally.  On a side note: I enjoyed the link to the choir rehersal at the Powell River Vocal Summit.  I sang in Oran in Edmonton under the direction of Scott Leithead and know how great a workshop that must have been!

My favourite idea from Royan Lee is using paper as a “thinking tool” and not as the medium to host the final result (as the end result would often be posted or experienced online or simply with other students).  I also liked his ideas about using tall tables so students can stand at them and work instead of being anchored to the traditional individual chair-desk.  I plan to deeply reflect on what is being promoted by the physical environment of my classroom, and hopefully I can encourage student collaboration, inquiry activities, and the joy of learning with the choices I (with student input) make.

My favourite idea from Clarence Fisher is differentiation with technology.  It’s not good enough to just use technology in the classroom.  “It’s not simply enough to just throw technology into a space and hope that it will motivate [students]”.  Not every student is motivated by the same technical tools or devices.  Teachers need to use technology in different ways to meet the individual student’s learning goals.  I hope to be better aware of the individual technology needs in my classroom.  I think BYOD (bring your own device) may be one of the solutions of technology differentiation.


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