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Metaphor for learning in my classroom

I don’t actually think I have all the answers.  For instance, I don’t really know if grades are all bad, but I suspect so.  It’s fun to try on an opinion that you think just may be right.  It’s like … Continue reading

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Encouraging Student Motivation

So here’s the setup.  I was given an opportunity to design my own learning experience in a class based on participatory research in science education.  As a teacher interested in the motivation of students, I decided to try out a … Continue reading

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Partial Book Review: Feel-Bad Education

Feel-Bad Education (by Alfie Kohn) is a discussion on different educational issues that stem from Alfie’s philosophy of teaching.  The book covers many topics including: what students learn, creating non-readers, motivating students, rubrics, student feelings, competition, national standards, cash incentives, … Continue reading

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Partial Book Review: Emotions in Education

I had thought that “Emotions in Education” (edited by Paul A Schutz and Reinhard Pekrun) was the book my professor had recommended me to read, but it turns out she recommended “Feeling Power – Emotions and Education” (by Megan Boler).  … Continue reading

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Mentorship Interview

I’ve been interacting with Shauna’s grade 4/5 class in Ottawa, Ontario.  I have been really impressed with how the class uses Skype on an iPad to connect students with the outside world.  On my first visit, Fin gave me a … Continue reading

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Tech Task 11: A classroom designed to facilitate learning

If I could design every detail of my ideal classroom, this is how it might look! Versatile Furniture – desks and chairs that can be rolled around the classroom to make different configurations.  Separate desks for individual work, two at … Continue reading

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