Metaphor for learning in my classroom

I don’t actually think I have all the answers.  For instance, I don’t really know if grades are all bad, but I suspect so.  It’s fun to try on an opinion that you think just may be right.  It’s like shopping for clothes.  You see ideas on racks all around you.  Some ideas you know don’t fit on you, but some do.  Some new ideas look so good, that you just have to try them on and wear them around the store…looking in the mirror, asking other people in the store what they think, before deciding if you’ll commit to the idea and use it outside in front of everyone.  The classroom is like the clothing store.  I hope we all feel free to try on new ideas, at least for a while until we can decide what to do with them.


Picture has been modified from Makaipinsoa under w:en:Creative Commons


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