Reflection on Ken Robinson’s TED talk

Here are the points that I didn’t want to forget.

Three principles on which humans flourish

1. “Human beings are naturally different and diverse” –> diversity vs. conformity

2. Curiosity “children are natural learners” –> encouraging curiosity vs. stifling curiosity

3. “Human life is inherently creative” –> creativity vs. standardization

Three things that high performing school systems do

1. “individualize teaching and learning”

2.”attribute a high status to the teaching profession”

3.”divolve responsibility to the school level to get the job done”

Other notable quotes and concepts

“teaching is a creative process”, “the whole point of education is to get students learning”, “teachers facilitate learning”, “testing should support learning not obstruct it”

“education is not a mechanical system, it’s a human system, it’s about people”

Watch the video yourself

OK, that’s one big photo…let’s not get carried away here. How does one re-size a link?


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  1. justinaitken says:

    Should be somewhere in the embed options.

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