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Reflection on Ken Robinson’s TED talk

Here are the points that I didn’t want to forget. Three principles on which humans flourish 1. “Human beings are naturally different and diverse” –> diversity vs. conformity 2. Curiosity “children are natural learners” –> encouraging curiosity vs. stifling curiosity … Continue reading

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What does my classroom look like: beta version

I’ve been wanting to put down in words a description of the classroom I would like to have as a teacher.  I especially want to collect, post, and reflect on my ideas before my first year of teaching (starting September … Continue reading

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Rote learning and standardized testing

I just finished reading “How do Finnish kids excel without rote learning and standardized testing?“, by Erin Millar in the Globe and Mail.  It made me consider how much we value teaching and testing individuals rather than teaching and testing … Continue reading

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Metaphor for learning in my classroom

I don’t actually think I have all the answers.  For instance, I don’t really know if grades are all bad, but I suspect so.  It’s fun to try on an opinion that you think just may be right.  It’s like … Continue reading

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Encouraging Student Motivation

So here’s the setup.  I was given an opportunity to design my own learning experience in a class based on participatory research in science education.  As a teacher interested in the motivation of students, I decided to try out a … Continue reading

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Partial Book Review: Feel-Bad Education

Feel-Bad Education (by Alfie Kohn) is a discussion on different educational issues that stem from Alfie’s philosophy of teaching.  The book covers many topics including: what students learn, creating non-readers, motivating students, rubrics, student feelings, competition, national standards, cash incentives, … Continue reading

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Partial Book Review: Emotions in Education

I had thought that “Emotions in Education” (edited by Paul A Schutz and Reinhard Pekrun) was the book my professor had recommended me to read, but it turns out she recommended “Feeling Power – Emotions and Education” (by Megan Boler).  … Continue reading

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