Tech Tasks

This is one of the spaces where I show the world how I do stuff!

Tech Task #1: Introduction Video and Blog Set Up

  • Create a 1 minute video introducing yourself and post it to your blog. You’ll find youtube the easiest way to embed it.
  • Customize your space. Take some time to customize your space. Add a twitter feed or other widget, Create an about page or other pages. Write a a post about your choices and customization

Tech Task #2 Exploring Google Forms

  • Create a simple google form and embed it on your blog. Keep it fairly simple but don’t be afraid to ask for some information you’re interested in .
  • Follow up the form with a summary post of your results and some possible uses/forms for future use.
  • Also set up your Google Drive and add this shared folder

Tech Task #3 Connecting

*this one may require multiple posts

  • find 3 blogs outside of our class to subscribe to. These three should be educators who are sharing regularly. Don’t just pick the first 3 you find but carefully decide if there’s potential for you to learn. They should be blogs where content is updated regularly and they either challenge or push your thinking or are sharing useful ideas or resources. Here’s one place to start
  • find 5-10 new people to follow on twitter. This could be a mix of educators and other folks. Here’s one place to start. Twitter for Teachers
  • Participate in one of the following:

Write about each of these 3 tasks either in one or multiple posts. Share specifics about why you choose to read, follow people in the first task as well as your experience in the last. Provide links so others can easily find, follow or subscribe to your recommendations.

Tech Task #4 Visual Literacy

  • create at least 2 six word stories as separate blog posts. Be thoughtful not only in the text but the design. Be sure to cite your image source using Creative Commons images
  • Redo at least one of your previous blog posts to include a relevant image and/or video.
  • *Bonus* (do it only if you like doing cool, fun stuff) Create a shorter version of your childhood walk to school using google maps and streetview.  I’d suggest using Screen-Cast-O-Matic It would be awesome to see how you used to get to school as a kid, whether you walked, rode a bus or otherwise. Maybe you could just do a short screencast about your neighbourhood.

Tech Task #5 Storytelling and Creation

Tech Task #6 About Me

  • Spend some time on About Me and look some personal landing pages that connect your various online spaces to a single page.
  • Create your own about me page.  If you use a wordpress page, add it as a widget

Tech Task #7 If this, then that

  • Set up an account on IFTTT
  • Activate at least 2 channels (this simply allows IFTTT to do its thing)
  • Browse the recipes and copy one or create your own
  • Blog about the recipe you created

Tech Task #8 Mobile

Part 1

Part 2

  • Puruse this QR resource. Create a QR code print it out and do something with it. Then blog about it. (Hint: if you’re stuck for an idea, link it to a funny youtube video and leave it out for someone to find)
  • Blog about it.

Tech Task #9 Are you Well Googled?

  • Be sure to watch George Couros presentation
  • Tweet @gcouros with a question or comment about his talk #ecmp355 hashtag
  • Google yourself take a screenshot and write about those resuts
  • Do you like what you find?
  • What might you like to see in the future?

Tech Task #10 Best Ideas

  • Listen to Wednesday’s session. (notice I’m not providing links, just a sneaky way of insure you’ll watch the session.)
  • Choose your favorite idea from each of the three presenters and describe and share how you might incorporate them into your classroom. Use links from their blogs as references.

Tech Task #11 A peek inside your classroom

  • You’ve listened to several great teachers and speakers, connected with classrooms and hopefully you’ve been thinking about your future classroom. What will it be like? What are the must haves? Think not only about the technology but the pedagogy and learning environments. Embed a trail of links to the people and ideas we’ve explored this semester throughout your post.

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